When you’re buying a gift for a cigar smoker, you can’t go wrong with a cigar cutter. Everyone needs at least one, and there are many types of cigar cutters to collect—from guillotines to punch cutters. 

Why do cigars need to be cut? The ends of cigars seal the tobacco inside. Cutting the cap opens a cigar to the air it needs to burn. The way a cigar is cut affects its flavor and intensity. That’s why getting smart about cigar cutters is an important step in a cigar smoker’s journey.   

Popular Types of Cigar Cutters for Gifts (Don’t Forget One for Yourself!)

Cigar smokers choose cutters based on the size and/or shape of the cigar they smoke and how they want a cigar to taste. If you smoke several kinds of cigars, you might want multiple cutters. If you’re giving a cigar cutter as a gift, do some sleuthing to find out what the recipient of your gift will want and use. 

There are three types of cigar cutters: The straight or “guillotine” cutter, the wedge or V-cutter, and the punch cutter.

Straight or Guillotine Cutters

The straight cutter is the most common. Also called a guillotine, this is the best type of cutter for thin cigars. Straight cutters are made with one or two blades. The Flying Cigar Company sells the best guillotine cutter on the market, the Xikar XO Circle Cutter. The Xikar XO uses a gear system ensuring both blades open and close in perfect synchronization. As a result, you get a clean cut every time. 

Wedge or V-Cutters

Cigar smokers who want a more concentrated draw love the wedge or v-cutter. The v-cut directs the smoke to the palate from both the top and bottom of the cigar. The result is a more intense, fuller flavor.

Some people run into trouble with v-cutters cracking their cigars. Yes, it’s quite a tragedy!  The v-cutter in the Flying Cigar Company’s online store absolutely will not damage cigars. The Xikar Vx2 v-cutter has an inverted ultra-sharp blade that cuts from the top of the cigar and goes inward. (Other v-cutters cut into the cigar and move outward increasing the chance of a cigar cracking.)

The Vx2 is easy to use and it is guaranteed for life. The cutters come in black, vintage bronze, gun metal, and red. A red cutter would be a great choice for someone whose team wears red. Or for a Valentine’s Day gift. We’re more excited about our team wearing red.

Punch Cutters

The final category of cutters is the punch cutter, also known as a cigar punch, hole punch, or bullet cutter. The punch cutter is a small cylinder with a circular blade inside. The cutter removes only the center of a cigar’s cap, leaving the cap intact. After the cut is made, an inhale pulls smoke through a small opening. The reduced area for smoke to come through creates a more concentrated and slightly hotter draw than with the other cutters. 

Using a punch cutter takes some skill. You want to apply just enough pressure to insert the blade into the center of the cigar’s cap. Gently pull out the blade and the center of the cap will come with it. 

Many cigar lighters integrate punch cutters and cigar rings. Note: punch cutters don’t work on Torpedo-shaped cigars because their shape is not compatible with the circular blade of a punch. 

cigar with a cigar cutter and drink
Image by Canva.com

Cigar Scissors 

When a cigar lover becomes a true connoisseur, they move beyond cutters to cigar scissors. The scissors give aficionados the ability to cut large cigars with precision. High-quality cigar scissors made of stainless steel are a great gift for the right person. 

How to Use a Guillotine Cigar Cutter 

When you get your first guillotine cigar cutter, impress your friends by using it right the first time! First, think of why we cut cigars. The end, or head, of a cigar is sealed with a cap. We cut the cap so you can draw air through the cigar. Finding the sweet spot for cutting cigars takes some practice—Practice that we believe is well worth it.

While you’re learning the art of cigar cutting you might cut off too much or cut too deep. If this happens and you cut off the cap entirely, the cigar wrapper might unravel while you smoke it. Don’t cut too much.

That said, if you cut too little, you might inhibit the draw. 

Get it right by following these steps to achieving a perfectly cut cigar:

  1. Insert a sliver of the tip of the cigar head into the cutter.
  2. Surround the cap with light pressure between the blades.
  3. Cut a paper-thin slice of the wrapper from the cigar.

That’s it. Three steps to a satisfying smoking experience. 

However, you might have a few complications if you put the cigar’s cap too far into the cutter. You will run the risk of cutting off the entire cap. Thus, we recommend starting small with your cut. Once you take your first draw you can always cut more off the cap.   

Check out the types of cigar cutters and other cigar accessories in the Flying Cigar store. Keep coming back to see if something you want is on sale. 

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