Recently the Flying Cigar Crew hit up Stanley’s Cigar lounge, part of the Charles P. Stanley Cigar Company in St. Louis, Missouri. Along the way we stopped at the St. Louis Arch, and the Sugarfire Smokehouse. Follow along with the adventure below, or check out the transcript below of our review of the Charles P. Stanley Cigar Company.

The Charles P Stanley Cigar Company was started in 1876 and in the early 1900s they developed over 270 private blends of cigars they sold all over St Louis and produced in factories in both Havana and Tampa.

Unfortunately they didn’t survive the Great Depression and went out of business, but they brought back the Stanley Cigar Lounge today in remembrance of the once great company.

All right so I just finished up here at the Charles P Stanley Cigar Company, hanging out the Cigar Lounge here, really nice Cigar Lounge, great vibe, great atmosphere, ample seating, really great service, the staff is always attentive refilling drinks and everything really nice bar area.

I only had one complaint and it’s something that I’ve never experienced at a cigar lounge before ,was that they won’t let you in their humidor. You were not allowed to go into the humidor and pick out a cigar, which I think really takes away from a lot of the experience there.

The staff was pretty apologetic about it and they gladly went in there and grabbed a cigar for you. They had a menu to pick cigars from. They said it was just kind of like an owner policy, the reason that you weren’t allowed to so that that was kind of strange, but the rest of the experience was really great.

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