2023 is here! Let’s celebrate! Our Cigar list features The Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023 and will leave you feeling good about what’s to come!

Luckily, over the past year, we’ve seen some amazing releases of new premium cigars, and of course, many that continue to stand the test of time. This is the list that earned the coveted title!

List of Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023

Foundation Olmec Maduro and Claro

Nick Melillo of Foundation Cigar Company hit it. out of the park last year with the release of the Olmec Claro and Maduro.

These cigars are hard to find right now, and for good reason. They feature Esteli and Jalapa fillers that have been aged for 3 years, encased with a Nicaraguan binder, and wrapped in either a Mexican San Andres Negro leaf or a Mexican San Andres Claro leaf.

The San Andres Nego is slightly more full-bodied, but both cigars feature flavors of cacao, espresso, and spice.

The Olmec definitely earned the #1 spot on our Top Cigars to Smoke in the 2023 list. You have to try them, and if you already have, I’m sure you’re looking for more!

Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023

Rojas Street Taco Cigars

The Rojas Street Tacos have been out for a while now, but they gained enormous popularity in the last year, making them one of our new favorites.

Noel Rojas, who immigrated from Cuba in his search to make great cigars, is definitely onto something with the Rojas Street Tacos. The Street Tacos come. in two brands, the Street Tacos Barbacoa, and the Street Tacos Carnitas. The Carnitas. The Carnitas is a buttery creamy cigar, while the Barbacoa is strong and rich with earthy tones, wood, and pepper flavors.

Both of these cigars are amazing picks, and our favorites earn them a spot on our Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023.

Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023-Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa Cigars

The Blueprint by The Burn Down Podcast

The Blueprint Cigar continues to be one of the most underrated cigars out there. In time, it will gain popularity, but the good news is you get to try them first at Flying Cigar Co!

Crafted by the guys at the Burndown Podcast, in collaboration with Blackbird Cigar Company, the Blueprint earned a 90 rating from our staff.

The Blueprint has a very rich chocolate taste, hints of pepper, and earthy flavors.

Definitely give the Blueprint a try if you haven’t already and find out why they’re one. of our top cigars to smoke in 2023.

Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023-The Burndown Podcast and The Blackbird Cigar Company

Nica Rustica Cigars

Okay, while the Nica Rustica Cigar isn’t necessarily. a new cigar, it is a budget cigar that continues to impress us!

Coming in at around $5 a stick, you won’t find a better deal out there. Especially for a cigar that features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, with a Mexican San Andres binder, and Nicaraguan Fillers.

While we know you’re ready to start off 2023 right, the Nica Rustica is the perfect cigar to sit back and relish in a little bit of nostalgia as you reflect on the past year.

Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023-Nica Rustica Cigars

Patriot Cigar Company

Patriot Cigars emerged last year, and are still a hidden gem in the cigar industry. Not to worry though, these cigars will quickly gain steam once the world finds out about them.

Patriot Cigars has put all its emphasis on quality, and it shows. These cigars all use high-quality tobacco that has been aged no less than 3 years.

They have four blends to try right now, the Hellfire, Mark 48 Torpedo, TNT, and MOAB.

You can’t go wrong picking up a Patriot Cigar Sampler pack of these and starting off 2023 with some tremendously well-blended cigars.

Top Cigars to Smoke in 2023-Patriot Cigar Sampler

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