Whether you’re the best man bringing stogies to the bachelor party, or you would love to smoke cigars on vacation, it’s time to get the low-down on traveling with cigars. Can you bring cigars on an airplane? And what about bringing lighters and cutters on airplanes?

We’ve compiled nine tips for packing and carrying cigars on planes. ***

How to Pack When Flying With Cigars 

As the Flying Cigar Company, we love telling you that flying with cigars is A-okay. You also can bring lighters and cigar cutters on airplanes. 

Smart cigar aficionados bring the cigars with them instead of buying them when they get there. This ensures the cigars they like best are at their fingertips and that they have gotten them at the best price. 

The FAA regulates what you can carry on and what needs to go in checked luggage. We recommend always keeping cigars in your carry-on bags, because an airplane cabin is climate-controlled while the cargo area is not. Humidity and temperature matter for keeping cigars at their best.

When packing your cigars, the goal is to prevent your smokes from getting crushed, damaged, or wet (and to make it through security, of course). You can do that by following these tips:

  1. Don’t bury cigars in a stuffed suitcase.
  2. Don’t let cigars roll around in a suitcase with extra space.
  3. If you plan to smoke the cigars within a few days, they should stay in good shape if you put them in a Ziplock bag then store them in a firm container. 
  4. If your trip will last more than a few days, pack your cigars in a travel humidor. The Herf-a-Dor is a great choice: It’s a crushproof, reinforced case lined with foam cushioning with added humidification. 
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Can You Pack Lighters or Cutters on Planes?

Don’t get stuck scrounging for a lighter and cutter once you get these; pack your own and save yourself the headache. Just be careful to choose tools allowed by the TSA, of course. For example:

  1. You are allowed to carry disposable and Zippo lighters on-board, but you running the risk of losing them at security. Your best bet is to pack them in your checked luggage (if you’re checking a bag.) 
  2. The TSA doesn’t allow torch lighters on planes. 
  3. Pack the right cutter for your cigars, but don’t pack a cutter with a blade that’s four inches or longer. And just be aware: Even if the blade is less than four inches, the TSA might confiscate it. They get like that.
  4. Punch cutters and V-cutters are not considered to be sharp objects, so you should be good at carrying them on the plane. However, if you are checking luggage, it’s smart to pack any cutters in checked bags to avoid potential issues with airport security. 
  5. Do keep in mind your luggage might get lost, so traveling with inexpensive cutters and lighters is a good idea. 

Traveling Internationally with Cigars 

It’s a great idea to bring cigars on international trips, and it’s doable. Imagine sitting out on a veranda overlooking the Mediterranean Sea smoking a fine cigar. Or hiking an Argentinian mountain then relaxing with a good smoke. While you’re planning your trip, find out how many cigars you are allowed to bring into the country you are visiting (and how many you are allowed to take home). Then pack carefully and enjoy the cigars when you get to your destination. 

Some cigar aficionados like hunting down Cuban cigars in foreign ports then bring them home to show them off (and smoke). The United States does not allow you to buy cigars in Cuba then fly home with them. However, you can buy Cuban cigars in other countries and carry them home. 

(That is, if you can find them and afford them. Cuban cigar production dropped by about 50% during the pandemic, and companies are still trying to catch up. Cuba’s cigar production company, Habanos, raised its prices on premier brands in 2022. Cuban cigar prices increased 300% in some countries. So, if Cuban cigars seem like a less appealing thing…)

There are plenty of great cigars manufactured outside Cuba, however. We recommend you sample the excellent taste and consistency of smokes from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Buy them from the Flying Cigar company, then pack them on your next trip and when you get home.

Wherever you travel, beware of street vendors selling cigars. They might say the smokes are Cubans, but there is a good chance they are fakes. The same goes for anyone selling cigars that does not appear to be reputable. Our advice is to do some research before investing in fine cigars.
Flying Cigar Company has everything you need for flying with cigars, from travel humidors to the perfect-tasting cigars delivered directly to your door. Place your order online or call us at 855-585-0711.

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