– 60g Boveda Packs typically last 2-3 months

A question we get a lot, is how long do 60g Boveda Packs last? A 60g Boveda pack lasts 2-3 months in most conditions is the simple answer, but there are so many factors that can affect their lifespan.

How Long Does a 60g Boveda Pack Last?

A 60g Boveda’s lifespan is dependent on how hard it is having to work, and how much moisture it is having to put out to keep your cigars and humidor humidified. Simply put, the more moisture the Boveda pack has to provide its environment, the shorter it will last.

There are many factors that can shorten the lifespan of a Boveda pack including the following;

  • Poorly Sealed Humidor
  • A humidor that is not seasoned
  • Dry Air
  • Too many cigars
  • Opening and Closing your Humidor Frequently

Poorly Sealed Humidors Affect How Long a 60g Boveda Pack Lasts

A poorly sealed cigar humidor won’t hold moisture well, causing your Boveda pack to work harder. Humidors may be poorly sealed due to a variety of reasons, including wood seepage, leakage around windows, hygrometers, and the lid.

The best humidor to use to make your Boveda pack last the longest is an acrylic humidor. An acrylic humidor doesn’t bleed moisture and has a tight seal that keeps the moisture in.

An Unseasoned Humdor will shorten the lifespan of your Boveda Pack

The lifespan of your Boveda pack will be drastically shortened if your humidor is not seasoned beforehand.

Most humidors are made up of porous materials such as wood, that hold and retain moisture. This helps to regulate the humidity of your humidor, but requires excessive moisture, in the beginning, to get it up to speed.

If your humidor is not seasoned before putting a Boveda pack in, your Boveda will have to work extra hard to supply your humidor with moisture and get it seasoned.

Dry Air will Affect How Long Your 60g Boveda Pack lasts

If you live in a dry climate, your Boveda pack will not last as long vs. if you live in a wet climate. Once again your Boveda pack has to work harder in a dry climate to keep your humidor and cigars supplied with moisture, meaning your pack’s lifespan will be shorter.

Too Many Cigars Will Shorten the Lifespan of your Boveda Pack

If you pack too many cigars in your humidor, your Boveda pack won’t last as long. This is because your Boveda pack is having to work harder to maintain the humidity of more cigars.

Opening and Closing Your Humidor Too Frequently

Finally, if you’re opening and closing your humidor too frequently, your 60g Boveda Pack won’t last as long. Every time you open and close your humidor, you are releasing the moisture it has locked in. This in turn means your Boveda pack has to work to resupply that moisture, thus shortening its life.

Overall, a Boveda pack is a great tool for maintaining humidity in your cigar humidor. It is a must-have tool for any cigar lover. It’s important to make sure to change out your Boveda pack every 2-3 months to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke.

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