The Cohiba Serie M Cigar was a cigar that we were very excited to try. For one, this highly acclaimed cigar was the first Cohiba to be made in the United States, right at the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami, Florida.

The Cohiba Serie M was also the first Cohiba cigar to feature a Corojo wrapped and had a limited production run of only 50,000 cigars. This limited run makes it a highly anticipated cigar with an expensive price point of $29.99 per cigar.

The Cohiba Serie M has received numerous good reviews and praises throughout the industry. Cohiba Brand Ambassador Sean Williams even went as far to say “Since its debut a year ago, Cohiba Serie M has been a resounding success. We’ve received high praise from cigar media, shop owners, and cigar lovers who have called Serie M one of the most exciting Cohiba blends they have ever smoked.

Unfortunately, we did not have the same experience during our review. This cigar left much to be desired for a $30 stick.

Cigar Name:Cohiba Serie M
Country of Origin:United States (Miami)
Factory:El Titan de Bronze
BlenderSean Williams
Size Reviewed:Corona Gorda
WrapperNicaraguan Corojo
Filler:Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Price per Stick:$29.99
Release Date:March 2022
Profile:Medium – Full
Flavor Notes:Grassy, Hay, Nutty, Molasses,
Almond Sweetness
Cohiba Serie M Cigar Specs
Cohiba Serie M Corona Gorda6.5″x48$29.99
Cohiba Serie M Cigar Sizes and Prices at the time of review

Cohiba Serie M Flavor

The Cohiba Serie M started out full of flavor and was very enjoyable. It featured strong notes of grass, hay, and a thick draw of smoke that heavily coated the back of the jaw.

As we progressed about a quarter of the way in, it really started to open up with nutty flavors, and a tasty almond sweetness with hints of molasses.

Halfway through, the Cohiba Serie M started to lose its flavor. It transitioned back towards the grassy, nuttiness and finally ended with a very unpleasant woodsy taste.


The Cohiba Serie M had the perfect draw and was very easy to smoke.

It featured a thick, rich smoke that coated the palate.

The burn time on this cigar put us at around 1.5 hours.

Appearance / Construction

The Cohiba Serie M had an oily wrapper and shiny label that glamoured in the sunlight. It really looks like something of royalty and has a beautiful appearance.

Unfortunately, the construction of this cigar wasn’t as good as it looks. Many people have complained that their cigars became damaged in transit. One of our cigars unraveled while smoking leaving us with just the binder. There seem sto be some quality control issues that need to be addressed in order to make sure that everyone has the same experience smoking this cigar.


Overall the Cohiba Serie M started strong but did not end on a high note. In its current form, it is not a cigar that we would smoke again, especially at $30.

It seems that the construction issues are where the problems lie. While it has the potential to be a legendary cigar, it can’t do so when it is easily damaged in transit or unravels while it’s smoking.

We will try again next year and hope for better during the next release of the Cohiba Serie M.

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