Cohiba is one of the most well-known brands in the world, making some of the best cigars with a typically expensive price point that goes alongside it.

General Cigar is looking to change all that with the Cohiba Blue cigar. A cigar they advertise as
 “an approachable, everyday cigar that will bring consumers into the Cohiba franchise at an affordable price point.”

While the Cohiba Blue is a more affordable cigar comparatively to other Cohiba Brands, it is still a pricey cigar overall coming in at $9-$15 a stick depending on the size.

Overall though, we think that it is worth the price..

Cigar Name:Cohiba Blue
Country of Origin:Dominican Republic
Factory:General Cigar Dominica
Size Reviewed:Robusto
Filler:Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Price per Stick:$9-$15
Release Date:April 2017
Flavor Notes:Creamy, Earthy, Nutty, Wood, Pepper, Floral, Oily
Cohiba Blue Cigar Specs
Cohiba Blue
Cohiba Blue Rothschild 4.5″x50$9
Cohiba Blue Robusto5.5″x50$11.30
Cohiba Blue Toro6.0″x54$11.89
Cohiba Blue Churchill7.5″x50$12.69
Cohiba Blue Gigante7.0″x70$15
Cohiba Blue Cigar Sizes and Prices at the time of review


The Cohiba Blue was a very smooth and creamy cigar despite being advertised as a medium body. It would be perfect for someone looking to transition from mellow-bodied cigars, looking to move up and find a little more flavor from a typical Connecticut cigar.

It starts out smooth and creamy with notes of pepper. As you continue into the Cohiba Blue it opens up into a woodsy, florally flavor with some very mild nuttiness.


The draw on the Cohiba Blue was definitely on the tighter side for our preference. Luckily it wasn’t bad enough to distract from the enjoyment of the cigar. It simply gave the cigar a longer burn, with a Robusto clocking in at almost 2 hours.


How can you go wrong with the iconic Cohiba brand name in blue coloring? The Cohiba Blue is very inviting with the blue label and oily Honduras wrapper.


Overall the Cohiba Blue was a very tasty cigar that we would definitely smoke again. If you are looking for a flavorful cigar, that’s not too full or overpowering, this cigar fits the bill

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