Brick House Fumas

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Tradition meets value.

For over 100 years, the J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has perfected their craft of superior cigar-making. With roots this deep, they’ve learned a thing or three about delivering high-quality blends at a fair price point. This talent was put on full display through Brick House. Seemingly overnight, Brick House became one of America’s most popular cigars.

Now, the next edition of Brick House has arrived — an even more economical option that’s born to satisfy. Hugged by a silky, Sun Grown Sumatra wrapper, Brick House Fumas feature a ‘Cuban sandwich’ blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos to deliver an incredibly smooth, yet eventful experience. Simply put, the same flavors, quality and consistency that made Brick House a household name, smothered in value-enhanced goodness. Even more simply put: you’ll love ‘em…you’ll love the price…and you’ll love burning these one after the other — early, often, affordably.

Packaged with Boveda
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