We are huge fans of Memes at Flying Cigar Co. So obviously we would combine them with our passion for cigars to create cigar memes.

Memes bring people together across the internet with comedy, irony, and funny expressions that we can all relate to. Cigar Memes do the same thing helping to unite Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf with funny content. We like to regularly post cigar memes on our social media pages, but we know that they can get lost in the mix.

This is why we have put together an easy index of all the cigar memes that we have created over the years. Feel free to share these memes, we just ask that you give credit where it’s due if you do!

Travis Kelce Yelling Cigar Meme

Everyone’s probably sick of hearing about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. But hey, we figured to strike while the irons hot right?

This meme depicts the infamous meme of Travis Kelce yelling at Coach Reid. No one knows exactly what was said, but we do know that people get this upset over fake Cubans so this must be it.

Taylor Swift – Travis Kelce Cigars Meme

This meme has been pretty popular. Taylor Swift talking in Travis Kelce’s ear right after the Kansas City Chief’s AFC win.

Which leaves us to speculate, what was she saying? We of course think that Taylor was telling Travis he was getting a box of cigars for his big win.

Cheating With Cigars Meme

Oof. The situation went from bad to worse. That’s really the knife in the back when your girl lets another man smoke your cigars.

Cheating With Cigars Meme

Cigar Budgeting Meme

We’ve all heard that the cash allocation method is the best way to budget right? This guy seems to have it figured out!

Spongebob…I need….Cigars

This one brings back some nostalgia. Most of the younger generation remembers this episode of Spongebob. What he really needed though was a cigar!

Spongebob I need cigars meme

Socialism Stinks Cigars Don’t Meme

An ironic meme that centers on the aroma of cigars. Let’s face it though, we’d all much rather smell cigars than socialism!

Socialism Stinks, Cigars Don't Meme

When your wife says it’s either her or your cigars and you know what has to be done meme

This is a pretty sad situation, right? Metaphorically speaking, it’s time to kill that relationship

When your wife says it's either her or your cigars and you know what has to be done Meme

Poo Bear Cigar, No Cigar Meme

Life is much better with a cigar.

No Cigar, Cigar Meme

IT I’ve Got Free Cigars Down Here Meme

It might sound crazy, but we know a few people who would head down without a second thought.

IT I've Got Free Cigars Down Here

Did you buy cigars again? Meme

If you’re a married cigar smoker, you’ve definitely found yourself in this situation a few times.

Did you buy cigars again meme?

Free Cigars Van Meme

We’re all suckers for a free cigar.

Cigar Memes

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