How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cigar Cutter

cigars without a cigar cutter

You’re headed to a friend’s house for a BBQ. You pack your chips and dip, your drink of choice, and your bundle of cigars to share. But, when you pull up to the house you realize you forgot your cigar cutter. No need to panic, there are plenty of different ways to cut a cigar […]

Are Cigars Bad for You? Your Body and Cigars

cigar ready to smoke

Smoking cigars every day is not a safe or healthy practice for your body. Let’s just be clear about that up front. Smoking too much tobacco, even when you’re not drawing the smoke into your lungs, can cause some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. If you are a cigar smoker, the best thing you […]

Nine Tips for Worry-Free Flying with Cigars

traveling with cigars on a business trip

Whether you’re the best man bringing stogies to the bachelor party, or you would love to smoke cigars on vacation, it’s time to get the low-down on traveling with cigars. Can you bring cigars on an airplane? And what about bringing lighters and cutters on airplanes? We’ve compiled nine tips for packing and carrying cigars […]

How Long Do 60g Boveda Packs Last?

How Long Does a 60g Boveda Pack Last?

– 60g Boveda Packs typically last 2-3 months A question we get a lot, is how long do 60g Boveda Packs last? A 60g Boveda pack lasts 2-3 months in most conditions is the simple answer, but there are so many factors that can affect their lifespan. A 60g Boveda’s lifespan is dependent on how […]

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