Can I Soak My Cigars in Whiskey?

cigar with whiskey

Some party animals out there soak cigars in whiskey for the flavor, and some are also trying to rejuvenate older cigars that have dried out. Although whiskey-flavored cigars always sound amazing, we wouldn’t recommend soaking cigars in whiskey. Let’s just say the mess isn’t worth it. But there is a way to infuse cigars with […]

The Flying Cigar Company’s “Cigars for Beginners” Guide

beginner smoking a cigar

Like wine, scotch, or even craft beer, there is a lot to know about cigars. If you’re new to the world of cigars, the sheer variety of options can be overwhelming. With so many different brands, blends, and sizes available, it can be difficult to know where to start. We made this “cigars for beginners” […]

Are Cigars Targeted and Sold to Young People?

smoking a cigar

The government asked tobacco companies to stop marketing to children years ago. Yet we still hear concerns about cigars targeted to children. How can this be allowed to happen? First, understand that many Cigar sellers, including the Flying Cigar Company, do not market to kids. We do not feel the need to get kids hooked […]

Cigar Jar Humidors: Are They a Good Option for an Inexpensive Humidor?

cigars stored in a humidor

While there are a bunch of high-end options available for cigar storage, like temperature-controlled humidors and walk-in cigar rooms (the dream), these can be quite expensive…and so maybe not feasible for every smoker But, there is an affordable and practical option for cigar storage that seems to be gaining more popularity among cigar enthusiasts: The […]

5 of the Most Popular Cigar Brands, According to the Internet

best cigars to smoke

When it comes to cigars, there is an embarrassment of riches. The downside is having to choose between so many good brands. It can be hard to narrow down the cigar brands you want to try—and downright tricky, at first, to find ones you’re guaranteed to like. Dodge spending your hard-earned money on cigars you […]

How to V-cut a Cigar…and Why You Should

prepping to v-cut a cigar

Cigar connoisseurs are never more creative than when they forget or misplace a cutter. You might track down a pair of scissors or go with your sharpest knife. Some prefer to pick the cap off with a fingernail. If you’re feeling particularly rugged, you can always use your teeth. You might look tough–or at least […]

Is it OK to Smoke an Old Cigar?

old cigars that are okay to smoke

Ever find an old cigar you forgot about (or hid a little too well)? Or maybe you’ve stumbled across a departed relative’s stash, and you want to smoke one in their honor? Like finding cash in an old coat or pair of pants, it really can be a nice little surprise. But are old cigars […]

Female Celebrities Make a Statement When They Smoke Cigars

female celebrity smoking a cigar

Back in the day, cigar smoking was only for men. (So were a lot of other things.) Men smoked in clubs and on golf courses, and never with women. Those days are over! Today, women enjoy cigars and confidently proclaim it to the world. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Demi Moore, Carmen Electra, and other female celebs smoke […]

What are the Different Types of Cigar Cutter?

cigars with a cigar cutter

When you’re buying a gift for a cigar smoker, you can’t go wrong with a cigar cutter. Everyone needs at least one, and there are many types of cigar cutters to collect—from guillotines to punch cutters.  Why do cigars need to be cut? The ends of cigars seal the tobacco inside. Cutting the cap opens […]

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