The CAO BX3 is a much-anticipated cigar because it is the first cigar made after master blender Ricky Rodriquez’s departure from CAO Cigars. CAO was tasked with maintaining the high standard that cigar lovers had come to expect from the previous CAO blends with the CAO BX3.

The CAO BX3 has a unique name that stands for “Brazil times 3”. This is because it has 3 different Brazillian tobacco leaves incorporated into this cigar.

The CAO BX3 has already caused some controversy in the cigar industry. Arturo Fuente was not happy with their decision to use the giant “X” across their band, fearing that it would conflict with the Opus X brand they had already established. Fuente sued General Cigars (CAO distributor) over the disagreement. CAO has argued that many of their brands in the past have used “X” in their name and the Serie X line. The results of the lawsuit are still pending.

With all the controversy, don’t let that distract you from trying and enjoying the CAO BX3. The BX3 features Brazilain mata fina wrapper, a Brazilian Arapiraca binder, and fillers from Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.

The CAO BX3 is definitely a cigar worth smoking. Find out more in our review below.

Cigar Name:BX3
Country of Origin:Nicaragua
Factory:CAO Cigars
Size Reviewed:Toro (6″x52)
WrapperBrazillian Mata Fina
Binder:Brazillian Arapiraca
Filler:Brazil, Honduras, Mexico & Nicaragua
Price per Stick:$8.99
Release Date:July 2022
Flavor Notes:Bitter Chocolate, Oak, Earthy, Pepper, Sweet Molasses
The Blueprint Cigar Specs
CAO BX3 Robusto5.0″x 52$8.99
CAO BX3 Toro6.0″ x 52
CAO BX3 Gordo6.0″ x 60
The CAO BX3 Cigar Sizes and Prices at the time of review

CAO BX3 Flavor

The CAO BX3 starts out full of flavor with bitter chocolate, black pepper, wood, and molasses sweetness. This complexity makes the cigar very enjoyable in the beginning.

Towards the second third, it comes into form with wood, oak, and peppery flavors with some continued sweetness.

Finally, the BX3 finishes off with very mellow flavor notes dominated by wood, pepper, and mild cocoa.


The CAO BX3 has the perfect draw with medium resistance, and smoke that bellows out that cap.

It has a thick smoke output that adequately carries the flavor through and lingers in the mouth

Appearance / Construction

The CAO BX3 is a very eye-catching cigar, that seems to continue on with the emerging flashy trends in the cigar industry.

It has a chocolate, toothy, and veiny wrapper with a very colorful band. The band is holographic and has a giant X across the front. It also features a QR code on the back that upon scanning with your phone, takes you to the CAO website for more information about the cigar and the blend.

The BX3 is constructed well, although we did have a few issues with the burn and veins in the cigar. The BX3 began to canoe on us upon reaching the final third and had a vein that carried through into the ash. Overall these construction issues didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the cigar.


The CAO BX3 was a very enjoyable cigar that we would definitely recommend trying. It had a lot of sweetness and complexity that made it a pleasant journey and worthy of smoking again.

Who would Enjoy the CAO BX3?

Someone just looking to relax and enjoy a mellow cigar, that’s flavorful, but not to harsh or powerful.

Value of the CAO BX3

The CAO BX3 lacks a bit on the value scale at $8.99. There is a lot of competition in this price category with cigars that some would consider better. We still recommend giving it a try!

CriteriaReviewer 1Reviewer 2
Appearance (10)1010
Construction (10)910
Burn (10)97
Taste (15)1211
Smoke Texture (5)55
First 1/3 (10)89
Second 1/3 (10)78
Last 1/3 (10)77
Enjoyability (20)1816
Nicotine (+/-)++
Strength (L/M/F)MM
Overall Rating8583

CAO BX3 Rating: 84%

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