The CAO Brazilia is a staple brand for CAO and cigar lovers everywhere. It has been around for over 20 years now and for good reason. CAO spent over 5 years researching and developing this blend. This meticulous planning and patience definitely paid off. This is a cigar that is truly withstanding the test of time and continuing to be one of CAO’s best sellers.

The Brazilia is unique in that it uses some of the finest leaves from Brazil in its wrapper. We don’t typically think of Brazil when it comes to cigars, leaving the Brazilian wrapper as a first for many cigar enthusiasts. As a must with any premium cigar, it’s finished off with long-fillers that were extensively aged in Nicaragua.

Overall we loved the CAO Brazilia. It is a cigar that will continue to impress for decades to come.

Cigar Name:CAO Brazilia
Country of Origin:Honduras
Size Reviewed:Lambada (Toro)
WrapperBrazilian, Maduro
Price per Stick:$7.59
Flavor Notes:Dark bitter chocolate, flora cocoa, spice
Cohiba Serie M Cigar Specs
CAO Brazilia Review
CAO Brazilia Gol! (Robusto Extra)5.0″x 56$6.99
CAO Brazilia Samba (Torpedo) 6.2″x 54$8.19
CAO Brazilia Lambada (Toro) 6.0″x 50$7.59
CAO Brazilia Amazon (Gordo)6.0″x 69$9.29
Cohiba Serie M Cigar Sizes and Prices at the time of review

CAO Brazilia Flavor

The CAO Brazilia is powerful in that it has a smooth consistent flavor that lasts the entirety of the cigar. Chocolatey would be the number one flavor note you will get, but it does provide some complexity to keep things interesting.

It starts off with a dark bitter chocolate taste with heavy notes of tobacco and a bit of spice. It transitions into sweet chocolate and floral taste that holds through all the way until the end.


The CAO Brazilia had a medium draw that was enjoyable to smoke.

It had a medium smoke texture that carried the flavor through but did not linger in the mouth.

The smoke time on this cigar was 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Appearance / Construction

The CAO Brazilia is bold, with a cool colorful band in Brazilian colors, and a toothy, dull wrapper.

The construction of this cigar is consistently good. It burned evenly throughout. The only issue we did have is a few tobacco bits in the mouth after using a V-Cut, but this was short-lived.


The CAO Brazilia is a time-less classic and for good reason. We loved the chocolate and floral notes that it carried consistently all the way until the end.

We definitely think this is one you should try and keep stocked in your humidor.

CriteriaReviewer 1Reviewer 2
Appearance (10)98
Construction (10)810
Burn (10)910
Taste (15)1313
Smoke Texture (5)33
First 1/3 (10)88
Second 1/3 (10)77
Last 1/3 (10)77
Enjoyability (20)1818
Nicotine (+/-)++
Strength (L/M/F)FF
Overall Rating8284

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