Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff cigar brand was launched in 2015 by Robert Caldwell himself. Caldwell has taken the cigar industry by storm, developing a very loyal fan base, and taking meticulous detail to find the best tobacco leaves for his premium cigars.

We were very excited to review the Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff after having such great experiences smoking some of the cigars it inspired such as the Blind Man Bluff’s Connecticut, Maduro, and Nicaragua.

Caldwell’s Blind Man Bluff comes wrapped in an Ecuador Habano wrapper, with a Honduran Criollo binder, and a mixture of Dominican and Honduran long-fillers.

While we have been a huge Caldwell fan, this particular brand didn’t quite take off for us. We had a bland experience that you can read about below.

Cigar Name:Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff
Country of Origin:Honduras
FactoryAgroindustrias Laepe S.A.
Blender:Robert Caldwell
Size Reviewed:Toro
WrapperEcuador Habano
Filler:Dominican, Honduran
Price per Stick:$7.59
Flavor Notes:Bitter, Spice, Sweet Tobacco, Woodsy
Oak, Cedar
Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Cigar Specs
Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Robusto5.0″x 50$8.70
Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Magnum (Gordo)6.0″x 60$10.70
Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Toro6.0″x 52$9.70
Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Cigar Sizes and Prices at the time of review

Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Flavor

The Blind Man’s Bluff starts out with mild spice and pepper upon light up with a heavy tobacco bitterness. The bitterness begins to wear off through the first third, and develops into a sweet tobacco flavor.

Throughout the second third we started to pick up a woodsy taste with hints of oak and cedar complementing the very sweet tobacco.

The final third brought us back to a woodsy, bitter flavor with hints of leather. Overall the transitions with flavor were very mild and there wasn’t a lot of complexity to the cigar.


The draw on the Blind Man’s Bluff was perfect. It was very smooth, and smoke continued to flow out of the cap after a puff.

There were absolutely no issues with the draw that distracted from the enjoyment of the cigar.

Appearance / Construction

The Blind Man’s Bluff features a veiny oily wrapper, with a gold band featuring a blind man smoking a cigar. Alot of detail went into the band, with raised golden text that shines in the light, and says “We Own The Night” and “Blind Man’s Bluff Habano”.

The construction of the cigar was great, there were no wrapper flaws, a tight roll, and it even survived a drop without incurring any damage.

The only thing we did encounter were some burn issues. The burn became uneven, and even canoed at times, but eventually evened out.


Caldwell’s Blind Man’s Bluff didn’t impress us quite like the other Caldwell Brands did. The cigar just really lacked complexity, and didn’t have many bold flavors, or transitions to really wow us. The majority of the flavor we experienced was sweet tobacco and woodsy.

We also noticed some lack of consistency between cigars. Some we found very sweet, while other’s were more woodsy.

It’s definitely worth giving a try, especially considering that this cigar inspired so many other great brand, it’s just not one of our favorite Caldwell cigars.

CriteriaReviewer 1Reviewer 2
Appearance (10)98
Construction (10)99
Burn (10)87
Taste (15)1212
Smoke Texture (5)44
First 1/3 (10)77
Second 1/3 (10)77
Last 1/3 (10)67
Enjoyability (20)1213
Nicotine (+/-)++
Strength (L/M/F)MM
Overall Rating7484

Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Rating: 74%

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