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Patriot Cigars

Patriot Cigar Company is one of the newest brands on the cigar market and one that you HAVE to try. They hit a home run with these beautifully handmade cigars using the highest quality premium tobacco. Patriot Cigars will be a brand that you will crave and keep coming back to for its smooth and delicious flavor.

Patriot Cigar SamplerPatriot Cigars are blended in Esteli, Nicaragua by Master Blender Alex González Arias. Alex cut his teeth hand-rolling cigars in Havana, Cuba. He is well known and even rolled cigars personally for celebrities such as Michael Jordan. and Saudi Royals

Alex González Arias is now helping to blend cigars in the states for Patriot Cigar Company where he oversees every aspect of production using ultra high-quality tobacco.

Patriot Cigar Company aims to combine their love of cigars with their love of America and Freedom. There’s no better way to celebrate our freedom than with a delicious Patriot Cigar.

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