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Blackbird Cigar

Blackbird Cigars

Blackbird Cigars

Blackbird Cigar Co. has taken the industry by storm with their quality cigars, and flashy eye-catching brands aimed at attracting the next generation of cigar smokers.

Jonas Santana heads Blackbird Cigar Co. with quality being at the center of everything he does. This is why Blackbird handrolls their cigars in their own factory in the Dominican Republic where they can control every aspect of quality control from start to finish.

Blackbird Cigar Co. has unique blends consisting of a variety of fillers including those from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Every brand is uniquely named after a type of bird, and crafted specifically for certain times of the day such as morning, afternoon, or night.

Blackbird Cigars are unlike any cigar you've had before, which is why you have to get your hands on one.

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Cigar Samplers

Blackbird Flight Sampler

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Cigar Samplers

Blackbird Glitch Sampler

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